Opay: "On Christmas of 2014, a few months after arriving to Berlin, I decided to use this special

social, historical and cultural evening, to compose an artful moment. I went for twenty-four hours of non-stop performance which took place in one of Berlin's major streets, Eberswalder Strasse. 

While we are 'educated' to believe that moments of solitary and deep meditation can only occur somewhere 'There' possibly in a distant forest surrounded by shamans, this moment of Solitude was brought to manifest in the middle of urbanity and became part of Zooz research.

The audience were random passengers, stopping by the window for a while, people from the opposite buildings, standing in the balconies and being exposed simultaneously to a traditional celebration and to a kind of foggy sight, weaving reality with illusionary light."

What began as Solitude sprouted into an interesting Landscape of Friendship. 

Matteo: " I was invited to shoot the event, without imagining that holding the camera to observe Opay's Solitude, became the playground on which we met. "

2020 Zooz Approach