Cecilia and Claudio

Cecilia Nercasseau Gibson (Voices/Piano/Keyboards) and Claudio Squella ( Bass Guitar/Voices), both Berlin based artists, originally from Santiago, Chile, where they studied Architecture.


"It starts with no one, with nothing, just the focus on the sound, of every little sound that surround us.
Like when you enter a big empty room and you can hear every single step that you do, even you own breathing
and with that, you realize that in this specific space everything is amplified; there's no way back, there's nothing, but everything matters. "

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Track 3 - Cecilia and Claudio
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Track 1 - Cecilia and Claudio
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Track 6 - Cecilia and Claudio
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Amit Goldberg

Tel Aviv based guitarist, composer, band leader and manager.

Amit got his BM (bachelor of Music) with honor from the Ono academic college 2016  

Guitarist for Tzunami Trio (formed 2016 in Tel-Aviv) 

Tzunami Trio, lead by Amit's original compositions, will release there first album  "Run Up" this summer (2017).


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Wings - Amit Goldberg
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Agnus Dei - Amit Goldberg - J. S. Bach
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Track 17 - Amit Goldberg
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