Zooz aspires to the notion ‘Body follows mind’ exploring a wide arch of untouched emotions and unmediated immersive experiences.

Glimpses of fresh and acute states of mind may emerge and infiltrate forms.

Within Zooz we wish to find ourselves in a condition of receptivity towards difference-making occurrences that we cannot name or be accustomed to, where beholder and performer are woven as unison into an indeterminate, yet gravitating space of transformation.

Following these lines of exploration, Zooz´s perspective on camera and filmmaking was developed along the years, aiming to create a

close-up on the thin and slippery triangle of relations between observer, observed and observation.

Through their dynamic interplay, a condensed experience of the narrative ´making the invisible visible´ may take place.

We aim to generate the possibility and the accessibility to become editors on the material we are made of and partake.